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Natural Balance

Natural Balance Original Ultra Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Food

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Original Ultra® Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Formula is formulated for overweight, less active and senior dogs, and it can help kindle the appetite of older dogs. Natural Balance® has been tested in a variety of different environments and situations, for example, with breeders, trainers, boarding kennels, rescue kennels as well as veterinarians... All With Outstanding Results.

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Original Ultra® Reduced Calorie Formula for Dogs is made with:

Less Calories 27% Fewer Calories per cup than our Original Ultra® Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food.

Fresh Chicken, Salmon Meal, New Zealand Lamb Meal Premium quality meats are combined to provide the most natural balance of proteins for your dog.

Fresh Carrots An excellent source of vitamin A and beta carotene.

Oatmeal An exceptional source of: carbohydrates, fiber, thiamin and vitamin E. Not widely used in pet food because of cost, it does not contain the allergy causing glutens found in other grains.

Fresh Potatoes Rich in potassium and an excellent source of highly digestible carbohydrates for energy.

Brown Rice Rice grain with the bran portion intact, an excellent source of carbohydrates. Contains increased levels of B vitamins.

Vitamin C Aids in maintaining the integrity of the cell structure, as well as diminishing the effects of illness.

Taurine Fortified New studies show that dogs need Taurine for cardiovascular health. Read more on this.

Skin and Coat Essential Fatty Acids are combined in a specific ratio to produce an excellent skin and coat condition for your dog.

No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Colors or Bleached Ingredients.