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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Beef Dinner with Garden Vegetables and Sweet Potatoes Canned Dog Food

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No matter which delicious BLUE Homestyle Recipe you give your dog, you can be sure you're providing them with rich, wholesome nutrition! Each formula contains only healthy, natural ingredients. * High-Quality Protein-Always the First Ingredient- Real beef provides them with essential amino acids they need every day. *Wholesome Whole Grains- Hearty whole grains like brown rice and barley supply the complex carbohydrates that your dog needs for energy. * Healthy Garden Veggies and Nutritious Fruit-Whole carrots and sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries...these are just some of the nutrient-rich fruits and veggies you'll find in our Homestyle Recipes.BLUE is recommended by The Whole Dog Journal.