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Blue Buffalo BLUE Healthy Gourmet Adult Indoor Chicken Entree Canned Cat Food

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As cat parents, we want our felines to love their food. But we want to love what's in their food too. With BLUE Healthy Gourmet™, you'll both be happy.

Our Healthy Gourmet Chicken Entrée is rich in flavor and is smothered in a savory gravy for an irresistible taste.

Of course, like all BLUE cat foods, BLUE Healthy Gourmet contains only natural, wholesome ingredients including:

Delicious deboned chicken—always the first ingredient
Healthy garden veggies
Antioxidant-rich fruit
No chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy
Made without Wheat
This is an important difference between BLUE Healthy Gourmet and other canned cat foods. Many other brands use wheat as a thickening agent in their food, but wheat has been known to trigger allergic reactions in some cats.

BLUE Healthy Gourmet Indoor Benefits
Weight Management Support. Carefully balanced calories from proteins and fat help maintain an ideal, healthy body weight.

Supports A Healthy Digestive System. The right blend of beneficial natural fibers to help push hairballs through the digestive process and minimize litter box odor.

Supports Urinary Tract Health. Our protein-rich recipes, plus cranberries, help to keep the urinary tract functioning properly.